Cronotics! Cronotics!! Cronotics!!! Tired of being in the dark about whom we are?

Good news, we are introducing ourselves to you because we would like to help you with your digital problems.

In this age of exponential advancement in technology and globalization, it is only proper for every business to find a way to belong to the digital world in order not to be left behind.

It does not matter if you are coming as a landlord (a full-time digital marketer) or a tenant (part-time digital marketer usually traditional marketers); just ensure your presence is well-represented on the internet.

Why? You are wondering and we will give you a thousand reasons.

The internet is a small global village that encompasses all forms of businesses and final consumers in search of a reliable brand- a brand that can offer them what they need and also, what they will need.

However, most business brands offer people what they need and not what they will need.

But you never can tell if you are with what they will need; unfortunately, you are not online. So, how will they get to you?

You might be thinking I make sales as a traditional marketer anyways. Yeah, but we are exposing you to the possibility of making 10x on the internet.

You may ask the likes of Amazon, Jumia, and eBay to prove us wrong.

Therefore, you need to be online and adopt digital strategies not because of the money alone, but you also need to consider the number that will benefit from the values you provide and the growth of your brand reputation and even you as a person.

How do Cronotics come in?

You probably should know this already but in case you have not figured it out yet, let’s begin to help you do that.

The first thing is to know who we are.

What is Cronotics?

Without mincing words, Cronotics is simply a modern-day Tech company that is established by a group of great minds to help you achieve your business aims through the power of the internet.

In our own words, “we build an online presence for every business”. We are the must-have technological friend in need that is a friend indeed.

You really are not allowed to make choice here because we would not permit you to settle for anything but the best.

That is what every business deserves.

What do we offer?

When you check on the internet, you will find out that there are tons of companies claiming to be this and that just to entice you.

We will not do that because we are not this and that

We are Cronotics and we do exactly as we say.

To help you conveniently realize your business dreams, here are the services we offer:

  • Website design and development

A website is your location on the internet and in the same way, you require a skilled bricklayer to build your physical offices, you must ensure only the best designs and develops your website.

This is why we have brought it upon ourselves to ensure every business and organization gets only top-notch websites.

There is nothing more frustrating than visiting an unresponsive website that is difficult to navigate and poorly designed.

It would not be so nice if you start up this way when you have us at your fingertip.

  • App development

Websites’ addresses can be forgotten but a mobile app is eternal.

That simple statement above is why you need a mobile app to represent your brand so that people can access your products and services conveniently.

We develop all kinds of apps for any brand of mobile phone’s OS (Operating System).

All you need to do is to name your preferences and we will develop them.

  • Website management and maintenance services

Have you ever considered getting a caretaker for your website? Don’t know what this is, right?

We always got you covered.

A lot of brands abandon their websites because they cannot manage them and as each day passes, they become a shadow on the internet.

What they do not know is the possibility of having a caretaker. A caretaker is not a big deal; it is simply a person/ or company that manages and maintains your website on your behalf.

But the person must be one you can trust to do the job like YOU which is what we offer at Cronotics.

We manage your website the same way we manage ours and ensure your absence is never felt on the net.

  • E-commerce and online store

It is not just about displaying your products online; are your potential customers aware of them?

Apart from developing an e-commerce store, you will also require a robust strategy to keep it afloat and effective.

Fortunately, you do not need to look too far because the right plug is on this page. Check your URL address box again and you will find out who.

E-mail marketing solutions

It is quite common to see a lot of e-mail marketing campaigns fail because of inadequate management.

Setting up an effective e-mail marketing campaign requires the use of the best e-mail marketing software and tools to disseminate high-converting e-mails.

Achieving this does not come easily because of the social media takeover but you need not worry as we have simplified the process and know what and when to send your customers a mail.

Let Cronotics handle your e-mail marketing campaigns and you will never regret making the decision.

  • Digital and brand identity

It is one thing to develop your online presence and another to build your identity.

Your digital/brand identity is who you are on the internet and this is where the trust of your customers and the reputation of your brand come in.

There are certain features you must possess as a brand to uphold your reputation which appear missing in almost 80% of brands on the internet.

Not sure if you have them? Then, let Cronotics help you build your digital identity and you will never have to worry about gaining your customers’ trust.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

It is not news anymore that a good SEO is the blood of every website and your website might as well be termed “useless” without it.

A well-optimized website will ensure you rank on the first pages of search engines especially, Google. At worst, the second page in most cases.

However, getting a good SEO expert to handle your website’s SEO is quite difficult although you do not need to go through this stress since you are here.

Cronotics offers a wide range of SEO services and choosing us simply implies making the first pages of SERPs.

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing (SMM) services

Digital and Social Media Marketing work hand-in-hand; effective Social Media Marketing (SMM) is crucial for a successful digital marketing strategy.

Make your brand recognizable on all major social media platforms be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

We understand the nitty-gritty of building an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy so, we know what you need.

Don’t forget, we offer every aspect of digital marketing; therefore, you can leave that to us as well.

  • 100% Website security services

No one wants to visit a website that makes them vulnerable to online threats; not even you.

Therefore, your website must give your visitors peace of mind and a flawless transaction process.

Confide in Cronotics and you will never have to worry about attacks on your website(s).

Why choose us?

Without promising heaven and earth, we will give you three precise reasons we remain the best option for you.

These 3Ds are our code of conduct and we live by them.  Here are our 3D reasons that make us stand out:

  1. Difference
  2. Diligence
  3. Discipline

Difference: The difference is the quality with Cronotics. We are not just different but we also make a difference with our services.

Diligence: Describing our level of diligence is a waste of time because it is indescribable. You have to try us out to testify to this.

Discipline: We are timely and do just exactly what we say.

With these 3Ds, you can be certain of having a sublime experience with Cronotics

Meet the team 

Cronotics was introduced by an army of like minds that are ready to help every business fight their problems on the internet and they are worth knowing.

Here are the atoms that made up Cronotics:

  • Gwatana John- Lead Developer
  • Ademola Samuel- Chief Technology Officer
  • Tella Dare- Marketing Lead
  • Mary Inioluwa Akinwande- Social Media Manager

Closing remark

It is sad that we have to say goodbye for now even though we are always by your side.

Dial our hotline, send an e-mail, and reach out on our social media handle; we will answer your call immediately.

If there is any other thing you would like to know about us, feel free to contact us at any time.

Till then, we meuve